October 19, 2018

Motivated FoxTalk

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CJ Terral

Silicon Valley’s Rising Authority on Growth Marketing

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“My life has been a fusion of “hard knocks” and academic exploration. Beginning at the spirited age of 6, I sold candy door-to-door. I then sold magazines, coupon books, and fine cutlery by age 18. Never was there a dull moment when doors were shut in my face. Yet, I persevered and got better. Anything I was given, I consistently sold more of than any teammate, music colleague, or schoolmate. Good fortune has been on my side when I pay attention to details. With the ability to sell, I transitioned into marketing. I still focused on selling, but now had a computer screen in front of me in lieu of a door. With gusto, I learned the ins-and-outs of marketing, advertising, and ancillary topics such as design. Products I marketed have now been sold around the world and viewed online millions of times. What my efforts boil down to is being assiduous, by focusing on details and being tenacious.”

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