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How to bring “5 Second Rules” into the real life.

One of the most important thing that a businessman has is his time. you maybe a businessman or you may be looking to be one but do you really understand your time? Time is something with cannot be controlled hence one should learn how to go with it and the one who got failed in learning how to manage time so cannot be what he/she wants in his/her life. Most of the time we make our timetable & schedules to follow but how many times we succeed our time table & schedules on time especially, I guess more of us would say 50% or less. Well there may be a lot of reasons behind not getting work done on time, like the work you set for your time is not feasible, what time doesn’t match to your capabilities, your work and time is not flexible etc. many more, so your mind says better to ignore the work. Here we are going to take a look on how we can get our work done on time.


Mel Robbins (A reporter from American news channel CNN) mentioned in his best seller book ” The 5 second rule” that how someone can stop ignoring their work and get it done on time. He added ” it is very simple technique, the moment you get a work at the same moment start working on it or better start it within 5 second you got the work. If someone failed to do so, the brain will start ignoring the work and it will motivate find other time to do the work. For example you can see your sleeping habit it is very hard to change if you decide to wake up on time and when the time come your brain start telling you that take a 5 minute more orĀ  10 minutes more and this is how you got delayed or you ignore to wake up. “5 second rule” is a best technique to take out all the doubts, fears & emotions from your mind which holds you back taking your action.


Take a small steps:
Research from Harvard University says that it is good to split your target in small pieces which help you to achieve it easily. It is better to understand your work & split it well and then decide your allotted time get work done.



Do not distract:


Play safe and do not spend a lot time with things which distract you from your milestone. And this is how you can stay more focused at your targets and can save your energy to achieve it.


Remember your targets:


It happens that your brain tells you that work is no more required as it was required at the time you started but believe me it is somewhere telling you that your target is just west of time so now what you have to do; remember the time when you decided your target and you decided your time to achieve that target. Tell your brain that whatever I’m doing and whatever I have decided is the correct and what I wanted now.


Leave your comfort zone:


Achieving targets in your life, requires you to leave your comfort zone and work for it. Whatever time you have for getting your work done it definitely needs some efforts which may ask you to sacrifice your comfort zone and you must do it.




Science itself prove that 5 second rules is very helpful. You can understand that with a simple example, whenever you sense a danger you start running away from it; this is possible by fast thinking part (Prefrontal Cortex) of the brain, so if you ever feeling sick with your time and work then hold it on for a moment and think which work must be done at what time/moment.
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