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CJ Terral

Silicon Valley’s Rising Authority on Growth Marketing

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Bio: Products CJ Terral has marketed have been sold to hundreds of thousands of people in dozens of countries and been viewed millions of times. How I do this is by curating your business model, crystallizing your brand, and commercializing your offering for B2C or B2B customers. No other growth marketeer comes with my unique blend of expertise, charisma, and assiduousness that gives your ideas justice and room to grow into their potential. I build brands that ingrain virtues, honor achievers with shared values, and shatter stigmas. Over time, these brands’ identities crystalize to represent traits that people strive to exhibit.

Here are the words we had with Mr. CJ Terral…

How did you become an entrepreneur? Please share a few words about yourself?

I have always been a creative soul. Making those unique and actionable ideas into side-projects and businesses came naturally. Though I started selling door-to-door by 6 years old, it was college where I created my first startup by realizing an opportunity and seizing it. Like many great entrepreneurs, it was after much effort, learnings, downfalls, and persistence that my team and I realized we had not yet found our product/market fit for that startup. So, we shut it down. It was the lessons we learned from it that enabled us to move forward faster on our proceeding ventures.

What makes your services unique?

It’s not my services that are unique, but the way in which I service you that is indispensable. Anyone can offer a business model, branding, and go-to-market services. However, very few people have been the outcasts of their circle who learned how to win over that circle of influence and persist until they connected other circles of influence. I lived what it was like to not be part of the mainstream messages and to be the “cool kid”. Now that I’m known for my level of expertise, network, persistence, and big-picture thinking, I have grown to become someone I’ve never even dreamed of becoming. That level of expertise is unmatchable and how I serve you is by giving your ideas justice so that your offering becomes indispensable to your audience for months and years to come.

At the very small age of 6 you started selling, How was that experience?

I was a shy child growing up and I know that I didn’t want to be. For me, selling was that vehicle to get me more comfortable to interact with people and bolster my brand. It wasn’t easy at first, but I had this goal in mind that I wanted to learn how to interact with people. I quickly got better because I was focused on the end result of how many things I sold and how many people became repeat customers. It was rewarding after a while because my passion became a skill and was rewarded both personally and socially. My goal was achieved because I became more comfortable amongst friends, strangers, and others who I came into contact with.

Why did you choose to go Digital, instead there are lots of areas to Market?

Digital is the frontier of marketing that can provide access to practically every person on the planet. Most of us have internet, a phone, computer, or access to facilities with digital footprints. Because of this, any type of campaign I work on is able to access these billions of consumers for an array of purposes. What follows is tailoring campaigns based on techniques I have perfected which captivate their attention, convert them into leads, nurture them as prospects, close them as customers, and inspire them to become advocates. I do this all through digital marketing and since I do it across a multitude of channels, it evolves into what I call growth marketing which manages each distinct customer segment throughout their lifecycle.

What is challenging B2B or B2C? Your comment on B2B & B2C.

Both B2B or B2C can be challenging. How you make either of those sectors easier to dominate is by understanding your customers’ needs vs. their wants. Clearly identify what is top-of-mind for them, the timeline they need it to be delivered, the financial resources they have to make it happen, their expectations, and other gaps in their team’s structure where your offering adds value. The longer you can provide that value, the more you can likely sell to them with complementary offerings. In B2B, this is called Account-Based Marketing and in B2C this is called “add-on” products.

Any suggestions for Startups & Small Businesses?

Success follows mastery. Become indispensable and follow the money.

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