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Business doesn’t always come with blood | ABCD-Business (Any-Body Can DO!)

Why people always think that the one who achieved something in life and became a famous Businessman-woman was born to be an Entrepreneur, perhaps the hidden story of their struggle, love & passion for the work remains invisible as darkness in front of the light of success. Are you influenced by the Business people here in the world or near to you? And you Dream to have a Business your own? And want to become your own boss, sounds cool to you? But the question comes how would I manage the time? & What Business should I do?

Whatever you are doing right now for a living is important to do so, as per sustainable living and starting Business will need some money to be invested maybe a little but there will be required some amount of money for sure, also you feel that there is No time in your life to dedicate for Business? Now the next question comes; What Business should I do? A person who wants to become Entrepreneurs usually has no idea what they should do, what they still sound confident that they want to be their own boss. If you are still reading here, means you are the one how is really serious with goals of life and chasing the title of Entrepreneur and we appreciate, now let’s talk some solution or can say answers of the above-discussed questions that stopping you to become a Business Person.

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I have been interviewing Entrepreneurs and working with Business People for a long time and I heard from most of them that they had no Idea where their lives were going, Time was hard to manage & Money was a big problem but they managed, so why can’t we?

What Business should I do?

Business is something which you would love to do for a long time; nobody wants to do business for a day, week, month or year, so don’t you think it may be boring to do the same again & again for years? No ways, if you do something which is of your interest like a singer can sing a song for years as the singing is his passion & love, make sense!

  • Find out your passion & love which keeps you motivated always.
  • Monetize your passion & love; it could be anything which will become a Business for you.
  • Provide value, whatever you offer; it should have some value for other.
  • Prepare a Business Plan from starting to growing yearly/quarterly (As possible).
  • You can better sale what you know best, so the passion & love for something has inside you will be the best to sale.
  • Come with freshness after a few years again & again which will make it interesting.
  • Stay confident.

Don’t have Money?

Business has 5M’s inputs and among them, “Money” comes first & most important. It is true that a Business needs money but sometimes not that much as we think before starting, it could be done in smaller scale initially. Example: Are you planning to sale Art & Craft made by you on Online? This would need a investment but as initially, we are running out of funds then we can use option available free, like WhatsApp Group, Facebook Group, Open Marketplace etc. When it comes to preparing a Business Plan, it should be at small scale initially which would need limited man efforts, money, methods & machines which will be easy to start with as well as will not be complex to handle.

  • You can borrow money from the nearest & dearest one.
  • You can use funding & Kickstarter like platform.
  • You can join hands with like-minded people to work with you on a profit basis and can ask money to invest form them.
  • Small finance from the institutions available.
  • Always check the government benefits, if available any.

Don’t have Time?

Time never waits for anyone, it runs slow for those who work parallel to the time or work in advance but runs fast when you ignore the time or waste it. A Business Person never wastes his/her precious time and always use the time to take out some value out of it. A human mind makes thing bigger or smaller as he/she believes, so keep monitoring what you do and how this is going to help your Business.

  • Don’t spend valuable time on social media, if you don’t have business there.
  • Save time from watching TV unnecessary.
  • Weak-up early and work late night.
  • Postpone the vacations for some time.
  • Use the weekend holidays.
  • Work smarter alongside hard working.


Earlier it was a proverb that “Entrepreneurs are born by birth not created” but now the time has changed so fast that now Any-Body Can Do (ABCD) Business, just need to look inside that what is your passion & love which can be monetized as well as can be managed in the available time.

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