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Startup success mantra that every startup should know.

All big businesses that we know today, they were startup once upon a time and let me take you back to that time when these Businesses were being established and were a startup or we can say an Idea which was going to come in the real world. Don’t you think at the same time when these people were planning their startup, several other people might have tried to establish their startup too? Nothing surprising if we say that some of them would have the same Business Concept & Product, but they failed and those Businesses we have now; are successful. Now thing a while, how these successful Businesses would have won against the failed Businesses?

Like a Baby needs extra care & attention for coming few years since birth, similarly, the startup needs extra care & attention. Business has 3 pillars which should be well understood by the startups and should have the long-term vision on the same.  These 3 pillars are Finance, Human Resource & Marketing which should be stronger day by day as a Startup. Finance is capital/money which runs throughout the body of the organization like the human body has blood; Human Recourses are people who called enablers for the business processes, Marketing is the channel which introduces the product as well as takes them to the public to buy & use.

Finance should be like “Body Builder”

Human Resource should be like “Sage Person”

Marketing should be like “Beauty Girl”


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Finance: Body Building takes the huge workout with protein & supplements and bodybuilder needs to be in a timetable & controlled environment with quality & quantity for Gym & Diet. As a startup feel like Body Builder and feed the protein & supplements of the funds as well as expense those in quality & quantity with the controlled environment then you will see how strong your finance is.

Human Resource: Sage persons are very devoted for their community & people to help them grow and they have the patience for hearing, sacrifices for their people as well as they make their people understand about the objective of life time to time. Startup’s HR (Human Resource) department should be like the same and it should remind people’s value to the organization and organization’s objective to the people because these people are enablers of all business process as well as implemented practices.

Marketing: Suppose a beautiful girl there, who wants to turn their faces when she is standing near and if she asks to go out for the party then who would say no!! Everyone wants to engage with her and talk with her, she attracts almost of people come near to her. This is how a startup should maintain its marketing, one the target audience is there, these audiences should be attracted & engaged so well that they would never leave you and by talking educate them, why they should be with you.

Conclusion: These all above given examples have been written to motivate a startup and helping the startup to memorize the ultimate goal of these each 3 pillars (Finance, Human Resources & Marketing) and how important these are for achieving success.

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