Who, When, Why should use the Website builders?

By the time the Internet has grown up so fast that most people targeted as Business Audience uses the Internet, so now it becomes the responsibility of Business to reach its audience at the right time & right place. Hence every business needs a Website now a day to show its presence to the market and allow its customer to be connected by 24/7.

A website shows your existence like Your Business Name, Services, Portfolio, Contact info etc.

Whenever it comes in mind to have a Website for a Business it takes us to search engine and ask it to show some free website or a way how someone can have a Website for free, so here the answers come like WordPress, Weebly & Wix etc are some free website providers. These free Website builders are free (Have some plans) are easy to use but limited to work with and have some pros & cons which will be discussed below.


Free Plan: In today’s world nothing comes for free but sometimes it helps to have free things, especially when the business is not that much serious to invest or can say it is a little baby now. Almost every popular Website Builder has a Free Starter plan. Now you might think how they earn so they put their own branding with your Business to get more sign-ups and run ads on your website. Premium plans are available as the need grows, paid yearly with certain features.

Easy to use: Just go & sign-up, choose the template and put your content, here you go with your live website which can be edited from the Dashboard you will be provided by the Website Builder Service Provider. Though it has limited scope to work with, it can be edited by anyone at anytime 24/7 within the scope which makes it favorite of students to make their portfolio/resumes as well.

No coding required: The best part of Website Builders is; you do not need any coding experience at all. There will be a drag & drop features to put functions into the website and can add content Text/Images easily.

Quickly live: As we saw in the above point that “Just go & sign-up, choose the template and put your content, here you go with your live website”. You do not need to wait for it like it is required when someone develops it for you.

No Design skills required: Design a most important part of a Website, when your audience land on to your page then it has 5-7 seconds only to put impression which remains long-last. Website builder has limited templates but the good news is, you do not need to learn the designing, instead choose a readymade from the available designs.


Loading Speeds: Website Builders have a big crowd to manage on their servers and they provide limited features & number of pages for a Business to start with and sometimes it has been seen a bad loading speed due to adding pages, content & features within the scope provided with the plan which someone choose as well as can’t handle number of people visiting at a time in some cases, so good for newborn Business but if it has fast growth then it could have a bad impact.

Branding: No matter you have chosen the free or basic plan, Website Builders use its on Branding on your Business website, so that it could have more sign-ups for their Business form your audience, you bring at your page. There will be a URL added with your site Domain, Ads will be running on your page, at the bottom, it will tell everyone that the site they are viewing is free which shows that you haven’t invested into your Business, so might think that you are not serious.

Features & Support: Business is not one day work to start & done, it grows by the time by efforts you made into it. Website Builders provide limited features as it has to manage multiple users on the same platform as well as do not allow to customize the features & template as you think your business should have as far as Support concern, free websites have no support but basic plans might have some sort of support but it will be time taking to put a ticket for the issue, explain the problem and then wait for them to respond, do you really think your Customers will wait for that much?

Designing: Design is the most important part of the website when it comes to customer’s point of view, as they will stay only if they see something interesting, attractive & eye-catching. Website Builders has a limited number of designs which is not even customizable, so it could not be made as wish. Custom development allows using UI & UX (User Interface & User Experience) as your Business needs.


Are you very new? : If you are very new and have no clients for now then you may choose the free Website Builder to start with.

Web-Based Business: If your Business is web-based and it required the customer to come on your Web Page then it must be nice as per the standards, hence suggesting Hire someone.

If you have no money: go with free Website Builders it would help you a little but there is good to have something rather than nothing.

Serious & Growing: If your Business growing fast and you want to show your seriousness to the customers then must hire a professional to work on it.

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