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Preparation before asking someone to Develop Website/Software/MobileApp for you.

Are you a Business Person who is looking for developing a Mobile App/Website/Software for Business to make work fast & easy? Wait!! Do you have a plan in hand? Do you really know what you want? How much Time & Cost will it be taking from you? Being an IT guy, I have seen lost of unfinished projects, just because of lack of clear mindset, didn’t you think so far? Do not worry, come with me from start to end of my experience written here and I believe you might have something useful out of it at the end.


By understanding the Purpose, this will be clear that what exactly we want. You might have any Business, Real-estate, Manufacturing, hospitality & retails etc with products, processes, Partners & Pattern of it and form input to the output you can check the pain area which you want to get resolved by implementing Website/Software/Mobile App. Here things will become easy for you, as you need to write down the problems that you are facing & how that can be resolved (Outcomes for that problem, as a solution). Rather than focusing all on the Business, Software/website/Mobile App must be developed from the users point of view as well, like you may or may not be the User of the systems, this could be your Team or someone you assigned, so must check the purpose with them/users and you might have some insides from them/users that will help the development team.

Do you really Need?

Sometimes it happens that you see some value in something and get instant ready to do that, but wait and think a moment that you know what you need is good but do you really need that? This is also a point of thinking, before going into development. When things get done on right time, right place & for the right person then it will result in better outputs, so with this point, we will check that whatever we need, it is highly required to do it now.

Do you have a Budget?

This is complex, how would you know how much it would cost you? So that you could be ready for the Budget? This question might have come into your mind while checking the point, I can understand but wait you can at least think that how much you are willing to spend on this so that you can check if you have that fund into your pocket, hope this makes sense!! It will be good to check that what you financial statement says and does the system will cover its ROI (Return on Investment)?

Draft a Plan

So far you got that what is the purpose of App/Website/Software and you really need that as well as you have funds with justified ROI that is must, Now let’s do one thing write down all these together from the development point of view. Didn’t understand? Ok, make it easy: How would you communicate your insides & mindsets (like what you need? How much fund you have? and how would you like to proceed?) to the development team? so that’s how they can understand the work as well as the value that you want with the end result. Make a doc with Business Concept & Idea that you have as well as note down the important features & functions that is must, in points, so that will be clearly visible.

Conclusion: Overall make sure that you know your purpose, fund, ROI, plan to proceed, so that you can talk with development accordingly as well as can stick to the plan. This is not a Best Practice but my personal experience that could help you.

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