Looking for Website/App/Software development? Do not forget to check these points which can help you.

It has been a while now, I am delivering software as per the client’s need and with the experience so far, I got to learn that there is something that sometimes missed by the Business Owner (Who want to get Website/App/Software developed), hence consequently outcomes got effected which can be settled & rectified for sure but still time is money for everyone, so here I came up with a few very basic points that a Business Owner must focus on throughout the development, so that team can help to deliver exactly what expected.

  • Communication
  • Documentation
  • Test
  • Training

We have already checked How to prepare in advance before asking someone to develop software and how your product goes from idea to bring to real world, now these 3 points will help you to get involved in the project development as well as you will be asked to put your inputs after a while product went for development time to time.

Communication: Communication is key to success here, how better & clear will be the communication, the same effect you would get to see into the outcomes. Being a Business Owner you would have all understanding with your Business & Surroundings but it becomes equally important to convey to the development team with all basics to advance. Throughout the project make sure things are going the way you wanted and get in touch at least weekly a time dedicated to discuss with the development team, the one-time explanation can bring some miss understanding as each & everyone is different from each other, so keep the focus that you concept well understood by the team. Communication can be established via the Skype, Phone Call, and Mail etc… Here I suggest to keep communication well recorded, so Mail will be fine with all important communications, or you can check other options but should be fine for both of you (Development Team & Owner/You) and should be two-way communication.

Documentation: I successful Document will help you 90% in the project development. Document can be SOW (Statement of work), SRS (Software Requirement Specification), NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) etc. these will be created & provided by the development team and you should check all of these well, sometimes I have seen people don’t read & understand it well (Which is important, as documents will have what all you will be provided) which becomes issue later. Similarly, you should have your all-important communication with the development team well recorded, so that in case anything goes unclear then it can be reminded well. Again do not forget to read all documents properly, provided by the development team and ask if anything unclear & not getting.

Test: As food need to be served once well tested the same way Software must be checked by the Owner/you before taking it to your target market as well as you can pick up small sample audience to use the software and ask their feedback. Yes, Development Team would do that for you but it will be required your presence and inputs and I believe this is the end phase before software goes to the live world for all, so allot you maximum time for this phase.

Training: It is good to know & familiar with all aspects of your software which you got developed, so get your hands dirty and learn it throughout. It is good to train earlier as soon as you got it so that you can use after sales services provided by the development team, in case something doesn’t work.

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