Do you know SDLC? Before you go and ask someone to develop Site/App/Software for you? Hope this will help.

In this new era, technology changing every day and coming up with new & advance versions of itself, so being an Online Business Person you must be ready to adjust with it and make your Website/App/Software accordingly fresh & updated. Do you have a Website/App/Software or are you planning for one? Then you should know the SDLC, you might have heard the word SDLC before. If you don’t know then no worries, this chat from start to end will talk on SDLC and will help you to understand what IT Companies do when you give your idea to them to transform in the real world and how you should get involved into it.

SDLC stands for Software Development Life Cycle like a human & thing has a life form start to end, the same way Software/App/Website has their own life cycle. Check the below diagram to understand it better.

Planning/Idea/Innovation > Gather Information > Documenting > Design > Development > Test > Deployment > Enhancement or Decline

As per above chart, let’s talk your idea:

Planning/Idea: What you want? Why you want? When you want? How would it be profitable? etc… All this type of question should be answered at the stage of Planning so that you would not miss the end goal with important objectives as well as you can check, Do you really need a Website/Software/App?

Gather Information: Information is a collection of Data and Data can be gathered from the internal & external sources. Now think what you have planned previously, how that fits into the internal & external surroundings. Make it easy like: You can control Money, Machine, Methods, Manpower, Process (All you can establish in-house) but what about Government Policies, Competitors, Substitute etc… which could be complex, so better to study it properly.

Documenting: Things which are discussed can be forgotten after a while, so better to keep things documented which will remain the same every time you open & read. With help you planning & gathering information now you would have a clear Purpose, Business Concept, Business logic, Features you want, who & how people will use the system, these all must be mentioned in the doc.

Design: From here real work start for your hired IT Company, before this your participation must be high so that hired people should have all idea about what you exactly looking for and now you should be given time to time update. In designing phase it will be given a face, I mean how the Website/Software/App finally going to look with all your required parameters.

Development: Design like a statue so you can see that but it won’t operate/work, where the software goes for giving the power of putting logic, operations & dynamic functions so that it can communicate with the end users and fulfill its objective.

Test: Before serving food to someone it is always better to check yourself once, the same with Software that you got developed, now let your sample users use the software or hire a test team so that actual performance of the software can be checked.

Deployment & Enhancement: Once the test is done successfully and found it all fine, it will be ready to deploy. Now you can take your Website/Software/App to the end users/customer to use it. Changes are the new opportunities & a part of nature, hence by the time, you may need the enhancement that will make it fresh & updated according to the time.

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