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eCommerce is a digital form of shopping and giving tough competition to the stores/malls/shops. Are you planning for developing an eCommerce Store? Or you have one already? Let me tell you something which will help you out to generate more revenue from your online store.

Before we proceed, just have a look on a recent survey:

Whether online or in-stores, consumers typically are searching for specific items rather than just browsing, finds the NRF in a newly-released survey results. However, there do seem to be some differences by channel.

For example, when shopping in-store, respondents reported being much more likely to be seeking to buy a certain item (73%) than to just be browsing (27%). When shopping online, though, there was a closer split between searching for an item (54%) and browsing (46%).

Data Source: NRF

Published by: Marketing Charts

So, creating eCommerce site means; it should have objective of displaying the right item & right place, especially what you are selling.

  •  List your complete range of Product
  • Categorize & sub-categorize them well
  • Deal
  • Coupon
  • Offer
  • Sell

These all should be available at single glance.

Now in-store/mall shopping; Customer see different products of different brands at same place and buy at same time or buy in near future which might not be intentional before their (Customers) visit, so the online store should have the capabilities to let their customer view certain items which they want to buy as well as different items which they (Customer) may like to buy on the same page.

This is how it can be presented:

  • Recently viewed
  • Recommended
  • Relevant Product
  • Based on your activity
  • Top rated/reviewed

Conclusion: eCommerce site have nice users experience, let users/customers see what they may buy in future or could buy at the same time. Keep search & filters in mind, while developing eCommerce site/online store, so that customer can shop by Search or Browsing.

I would like to hear from the readers; if any correction, edit or addition required.

Thanks for taking your time.

Hope this will help

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